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Apex Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation
Apex Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation

One to Two Day Acceleration, Agility and Speed Camp by Age Group

Length: one to three days a week for 60 to 90 minutes.

  • Grades 3-5

The focus of the program for this group will be fun-based activities on proper biomechanics to establish a great baseline for future athletic endeavors.  Running, jumping, landing, change in direction, balance, proprioception and agility will all be integrated and incorporated into various drills that the student athlete will enjoy doing.  Example of drills would be shuttle runs, agility rings, agility hurdles, obstacle courses, reaction drills, etc.


  • Grades 6-8

At this point, the student athlete is getting ready for more specific athletic programs for their sports of choice.  As a result, we’ll address the basics, but begin transitioning the student athlete to sport specific drills and more complex movements. Agility ladders will also be incorporated into the prior program among other drills.


  • Grades 9-12

For the High School student, the athlete has most likely experienced individual and/or team athletics. We will focus on more cutting edge sport specific agility and strength drills that the teams coaching staff may not be aware of or incorporating into the practice sessions. We will take the skill set that the student athlete has and greatly expand on it, bringing in other multi-planer and coordinated work.  Drills will include shuttle runs, agility ladders/rings/hurdles, plyometrics, med ball work, TRX suspension training, reactive drills, resistance chute running, sleds, rebounder work, functional movement screens, etc.


Speed, Acceleration and Agility Program

Length: 4-6 weeks, two to three days a week for 60-90 minutes

The program will take the student athlete, assess their current baseline, and work on various drills and progressions of drills when applicable to increase the student-athletes balance, proprioception, agility, speed and strength.  Traditional speed camp drills will be incorporated with baseline, mid-term and final testing to demonstrate objective improvement.   Sport specific drills will be incorporated towards the end to include football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, track and field and basketball.


Intro to Proper Training for Sports

Length: 2-4 weeks, two to three days a week for 60 to 90 minutes.

This program will set the path for the student-athlete to properly train for the rest of their life.  Topics covered will include; proper warm up, program design, maintaining training logs, proper online training research and references, heart rate monitor usage and interpretation, active recovery, rest days, rehabilitation, and injury



Goals of the Speed and Agility Program are:

  • Improve the athletes change in direction
  • Help with balance and proprioception
  • Increase core strength
  • Optimize the athlete’s form
  • Improve conditioning
  • Reduce the possibility of injury


What the student athlete can expect during the camps:

  • Detailed functional movement prep dynamic warm up
  • Movement specific drills
  • Visual and objective evaluation
  • Coaching
  • Improved coordination drills
  • A tapered cool down with proper stretching procedures
  • Functional Movement Screens can be included for specific athletes a la cart.
  • An interactive and fun time!



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