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Apex Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation
Apex Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation

The Functional Movement Screen

If you had a way, in about 10 minutes, where there was mild investment, where you could predict if you had an increased risk of getting a musculoskeletal injury as a result of the very necessary physical contribution to your goals, would you want to do it?


If the investment was 10 minutes per employee plus cost of time and supplies, would you want to do it?


If you knew you could add certain training and eliminate other types of training, and you could modify that risk favorably, would you want to do it?


We have this tool, and it is the FMS.


The FMS is a definable metric of movement to gauge the appropriate entry into conditioning and performance training, to gauge where men and women are at before going into training program, and where they are when they finish a training program. This is an agreed upon baseline of how men and women should be able to control their bodies which is the quality we look for in injury limitation.


Basically, we evaluate several simple movement patters to discern if you have any imbalances, asymmetries or improper muscle recruitment.  We grade those movement patterns. 


From there, we have specific corrective exercises to help you reach your full potential and reduce the incidence of injury. 


The FMS only costs $40.  You spend much more than that on your shoes and equipment.   Here is a way to best use those shoes and equipment to your potential. 




The FMS is a screening for those that are beginning or are in an athletic training program.   If you have an injury or physical issue, you would want the Selective Functional Movement Assessment which you can find out more here

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