Welcome to Apex Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation, where athletes of all ages and abilities in East Central Wisconsin go to maximize their athletic potential under the direction of Dr. David Eric Boll. 


We are your athletic skills development specialist for all of East Central Wisconsin. All the necessary skills that transfer over to all sports are coached and drilled through our athletic skills development sessions and camps. 




Dr. David Boll is licensed in Wisconsin and Michigan, and has a background in working with athletes of all abilities, from amateurs all the way up to pro athletes. He has trained and rehabilitated NFL Pro Football players, WWE performers and World and National Champion motorsports competitors, primarily in the AMA Pro Motorcycle road racing series. Dr. Boll is also a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and completed numerous courses and a certification in Athletic Therapeutic Taping (CKTP), which has been found to be very beneficial in the athletic arena.


Local athletes in rugby, cycling, cross country skiing, running, volleyball, golf, basketball, football and motorsports have all benefitted from working with Apex Athletic Performance.


In athletic competition, the limiting factor is commonly the athlete themselves. Many athletes focus more on their equipment rather on getting those last few percentiles of performance out of their body. Athletes also need to look at themselves as a highly tuned race car.  They run at the limits for extended periods of time and need preventative maintenance, development and repair. Apex Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation is a specialist service available to sporting teams, training studios, community athletic programs and scholastic athletic programs developed by Dr. David Eric Boll to screen, evaluate, train and rehabilitate athletes, from amateur to professional.


Apex Athletic Performance is an independent contractor service for your facility and can be an extra bonus  for your club, members, program or school. 


What We Do:


- Objective Screening and Testing, because you cannot improve what you do not measure.


- Group Training Camps for Athletic Skill Development to improve acceleration, agility, strength and endurance skills that translates to all sports.


- Team Training Sessions.  We can run your team through a Pre-season prep program, in-season conditioning program and/or post season program.


- "Classroom Sessions".  Not many other programs also have the availability to instruct the athlete on how to maintain an effective training log, how to use and analyze a heart rate monitor, monitoring heart rate variability, concussion awareness, sport psychology, sports nutrition, periodization of your training program, prepping for the big event, weight room technique and triage of minor sports injuries. 


- Individualized training sessions


- Boot Camps for communities


- Rehabilitation services, to include coordination with any health care clinician you may see. 

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